Always on the Beautiful Side of Life

In 2006, we launched our project with the idea in mind to increase the quality of life and improve the overall well-being of as many people as possible by offering them our treatments and products.
Our path led from the spa & wellness market via cosmetic studios to our final destination, YOU, the private consumer.
In 2013, the time has come for us to start a new project in the trendy Beauty/Wellness and Lifestyle market – the Bodylizer Club.This is a door opener for you to a huge market that is growing worldwide, with various possibilities to get involved. If you appreciate such values as well-being, good appearance as well as personality development and financial growth, we are pleased to welcome you.
Over the next few years, we will be taking part in a trend of advanced and increasingly improved beauty home treatments at affordable prices. Take advantage of this opportunity and play a part in this success story from the start.

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