Frequently Asked Questions

Club membership

How can I become a club member of Bodylizer Club?

Simply register on the website and order a Club starter packet. To do so you need to enter the ID number of a sponsor. You will receive an email confirmation message that includes your Club membership number. Your account will be activated upon receipt of your payment.

How much does the membership cost?

The Club membership is free of charge.

How do I benefit from the Club membership?

As a member of Bodylizer Club, you are entitled to taking advantage of the offers available on the website for your private use.

How can I cancel my Bodylizer Club membership?

Can I change my Club membership number?

A membership number will be assigned to a new club member only once. Establishing another account with the same name is not permitted.

What reasons may lead to termination of my Club membership?

Bodylizer Swiss Ltd. reserves the right to terminate your membership in case you violate the Standard Terms and Conditions.

Club Member Area

How Can I receive access to the website’s internal section?

Access to the internal section is restricted to registered Club members. Members receive their own membership number and personal password by e-mail at the address provided during the enrollment process.

Who can use the documents made available in the member section?

Only Club members with their own membership number are allowed to use the website’s member section.

What is not allowed when using the website’s member section?

You are not permitted to provide third parties with access to the website’s member section via your own membership number. Moreover, you are not allowed to pass on to third parties any documents neither in printed nor in digital form. The documents are meant to be only for use by registered Club members.

Monthly Order

When do I have to place a monthly order to qualify for bonus payment that month?

You need to make a monthly order in such a way that Bodylizer Swiss Ltd. receives the payment by the last day of the month. The date of payment receipt determines eligibility for bonus payments.

In what amount do I need to order to qualify for bonus payment in a current month?

The amount of a monthly order needed to qualify for bonus payment in a given month depends on your current position. You will find relevant information in the current bonus plan.

What kind of payment methods can I use?

You can use any of the payment methods offered on the website .

Bonus System

How do I qualify for participation in the bonus system?

Each Club member who has met the required turnover by the last day of month, automatically participates in the bonus system. The date of payment receipt determines your elegibility.

What kind of bonuses am I entitled to?

You are entitled to all those bonus payments for which you have met the required qualifications by the last day of the month.

How do I maintain my qualification? (of Diamond, for example)

The turnover made at your first 3 levels is decisive for the monthly qualification. As long as you meet the requirements of the current qualification, you can maintain your qualification.

Bonus Payoff

When will I get paid my bonus payoff?

Your bonus payment is prompted by the 15th day of the following month.

What requirements do I need to meet for bonus payment?

Once you meet the necessary qualification requirements in a current month, you will receive a bonus payment. You will find a current list of requirements in the bonus plan.

Order and delivery

What is the delivery time after placing an order?

Normally, we deliver your order within 2-3 working days after receipt of payment.Should a product be out of stock, the delivery may be delayed.

Is it possible to send my orders to a different shipping address?

Yes, provided it is your own address, that is if you are registered at more than one home address.

Legal and Tax-Related Issues

What is the VAT percentage in my bonus payoffs?

The VAT rate corresponds to the current VAT rate in the country where the goods are delivered.

Do I have to deduct the VAT myself?

Each Club member is responsible for paying his/her own taxes. Bodylizer Swiss Ltd. provides registered Club members with accounting that indicates tax shares.



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