Bodylizer Club starts promotion for Meso/Myo Lifting

Mesofluid  Bodylizer

Meso/Myo Lifting is a secure and satisfactory method to reduce wrinkles. Skin tightening and smoothing out, thanks to the combination of active substances and gentle currents.

Bodylizer Club presents Anti Aging Contour Care

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Bodylizer Club presents: New Anti Aging Contour Care with Hexapeptid-3 and Matrixyl for defenSe against free radicals, for reconstruction of collagen fibers and for more skin firmness

Bodylizer Club starts promotion for Hyaluronic Moisturizer

HCA Deep Primer Presse

HCA Moisturizer is a newly- developed gel of Skin Care System cosmetic line that improves and supports each beauty treatment. This dermatologically tested gel is ultra-light, immediately absorbed by the skin and contains the Hyaluronic Acid. For all skin types.

Bodylizer Club starts promotion for a highly effective face cleansing product.

HCA Deep Primer Presse

Bodylizer Club brings to the market another Skin Care System product. HCA Deep Primer has been developed for Bodylizer Smart System use. It eliminates toxins and free radicals preparing the skin for the absorption of active ingredients.

Bodylizer Club promote Hyaluron Treatment at home

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Looking 10 years younger thanks to Anti Aging treatment with pure hyaluronic acid and exceptional LED phototerapy. Plump up your skin from the inside and stimulate cell renewal.

Bodylizer Club presents an innovative treatment for skin rejuvenation with red and blue LED light therapy

Bodylizer Smart und LED TherapieBodylizer Club has started to promote LED light therapy to heal and regenerate skin cells without harmful ultraviolet wavelengths

Bodylizer Swiss AG opens Bodylizer Club

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A top product, this is a basis for a good cooperation- announced the administrative board of Bodylizer Swiss AG during the official press conference.

Bodylizer Club a new Digital Network on Lifestyle Market


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Bodylizer Awards

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