Bodylizer Swiss AG opens Bodylizer Club

A top product, this is a basis for a good cooperation- announced the administrative board of Bodylizer Swiss AG during the official press conference.

Bodylizer Club a new Digital Network on Lifestyle Market


Bodylizer Swiss AG opened in October 2013 a Bodylizer Club for such countries as Switzerland, Germany and Austria by the official webseite A Swiss Company assigns a new way with its cosmetic products and new skin treatment system for Home User Market. Bodylizer Club is a closed system in which only the registered partners can benefit from achievements of Bodylizer Swiss AG. The Club members can benefit in two ways, all offers are exclusive and available at preferential prices and what is more, they take part in the innovative bonus system.

The uniqueness of this offer is based on the the special skin treatments that can be performed at home by use of the beauty treatment system. In order to perform them properly, effectively and easily from the very beginning, Bodylizer Club presents the tutorial videos for each treatment. They are available on website of Bodylizer Club in the internal area. 

Available facial treatments:

Hyaluronic treatment with rich Hyaluronic Acid for plumping up your skin from the inside (10x5ml Hyaluronic Serum Pure, 69,50EUR)

Anti Aging treatment with Argireline (100ml Anti Aging Contour Care for ca. 20 treatments, 49,50EUR)

Meso-Treatment with Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid for facial contour improvement (100ml Mesofluid for ca. 20 treatments, 49,50EUR)

Myo-Treatment with Q10 for skin purification and for mimic wrinkles defense (100ml Myofluid for ca. 20 treatments, 49,50EUR)

Red light therapy for skin rejuvenation (light therapy based on visible light of 630nm)

Blue light therapy against Acne and for reducing pores (light therapy based on visible light of 415nm)

Available body treatments:

Cellulite treatment for smooth, soft and free from the dents skin (200ml Cellulite treatment for ca. 30 treatments, 65EUR)

Long lasting hair removal - real alternative to laser and IPL treatment (200ml Long Lasting Hair Removal für ca. 30 treatments, 65EUR)

All treatments are based on the combination of tried and tested cosmetic products of own brand and gentle currents such as galvanic current, microcurrent as well as LED phototherapy. The anti aging effects are amazing, already after several treatments , skin looks healthier and fresher. Another advantage of home beauty treatments is the price. For example, the Hyaluronic treatment gel will be offered to the club member at 26,50 EUR for 100 ml so the each treatment will cost ca. 2-3 euro. The swiss cosmetic producer is fond of such ideas. This way, without any doubt, Swiss company offers a real alternative to save money and time, compared visiting cosmetic studios.

In order to reduce the prices even more, the swiss company have introduced an intelligent bonus system based on the recommendation marketing. Moreover, there is a free training system, available to club members in internal area. It is composed of many tutorial videos and instructions. This way, by daily work and support of the whole business portal, members of Bodylizer Club can reach quite attractive income.

All in all, Bodylizer Club offers a lot: from high-quality cosmetic treatments that can be performed by yourself at a reasonable price, a wide and customer-friendly online support in the form of videos, to an opportunity of earning money.

All this in one concept that fits with our times.

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