Bodylizer Club presents Anti Aging Contour Care

Bodylizer Club presents: New Anti Aging Contour Care with Hexapeptid-3 and Matrixyl for defenSe against free radicals, for reconstruction of collagen fibers and for more skin firmness.

Bodylizer Smart and Anti Aging Contour Care

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Young skin no matter what age and protection against signs of aging- these are the main skin care needs. Anti Aging treatment with Bodylizer Skin Care System defines an innovative and non-invasive method for wrinkle reduction at attractive price.

Enjoy the comfort of Anti Aging treatment at home – treatment at the highest level with a combination of gentle microcurrents and active ingredients. Anti Aging Contour Care contains an effective mix of active ingredients such as: Argireline – relaxes muscles, reducing mimic wrinkles, gingseng extract – revitalizes and protects, Matrixyl – stimulates collagen production and skin rejuvenation and Aloe Vera extract – repairs signs of sun damages and moisturizes.

How to perform treatment at home in 15 minutes only?

Cosmetic device: Bodylizer Smart with galvanic current and microcurrent

Products: HCA Deep Primer, Anti Aging Contour Care

Step 1 - Deep cleansing: Wash your face, remove make up and take off the metallic jewellery. Apply HCA Deep Primer to your face, neck, and décolleté. Select Cleanse programm on Bodylizer Smart and massage skin face for 4 minutes. Toxins and free radicals combine with cleansing product and are being released from the deep skin layers. Wash all remaining away with water and a sponge.

Step 2 - Implementing of active substances (Iontophoresis):Select Nourish programm ( galvanic current) on Bodylizer Smart. Apply a small amount of Anti Aging Contour Care to the clean head for Iontophoresis and implement active ingredients into the deep skin layers.

Step 3 - Lifting: Select Lift programm and perform a mini face lifting. Stimulate cell metabolism by using microcurrents, so-called cell skin Bio-Reset.

Effect: Deeply moisturized skin, which gains more firmness and healthy-looking glow. Mimic wrinkles removal. The gentle itching signifies the improved blood circulation that lasts up to 24 hours. This means that the active substances can be absorbed more intensively.

Our beauty tips: Perform Anti Aging Treatment 2-3 times a week. Remember to drink water before and after each treatment to support lymphatic drainage.

Bodylizer Smart System as well as all necessary products Anti Aging Contour Care and HCA Deep Primer are available only in Bodylizer Club. Registration and order follow through the website Zur Aufnahme bietet der Club 3 Starterpakete an mit einem Preisvorteil von bis zu 25% für den künftigen Partner

While admission to club, Bodylizer Club offers up to 25% discount for 3 Start packets to future club members


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