Bodylizer Club starts promotion for a highly effective face cleansing product.

Bodylizer Club brings to the market another Skin Care System product. HCA Deep Primer has been developed for Bodylizer Smart System use. It eliminates toxins and free radicals preparing the skin for the absorption of active ingredients.

HCA Deep Primer Presse

HCA Deep Primer, a Bodylizer Skin Care Serie product, has been specially designed for facial cleansing. Each Bodylizer Skin Care System treatment such as skin rejuvenation, skin tightening or skin improvement should be performed after deep cleansing to enhance the effectiveness of active ingredients implemented into the Skin.

It is known that our skin has got a natural protection mechanism which prevents the different substances from entering. However, gentle microcurrents help to create temporary openings in the skin's epidermal-dermal barrier so that the ions can enter and get out of there. The developed by Bodylizer Swiss AG, HCA Deep Primer represents a new generation of skin cleansers. It is sensitive, deeply moisturing and highly effective as it eliminates toxins and free radicals from the deep layers of skin.

Use HCA Deep Primer by massaging it into your face, neck and décolleté. During the deep cleansing treatment (Cleanse Program) we used the galvanic current. The head treatment of Bodylizer Smart is positively charged meanwhile HCA Deep Primer gel is negatively charged. This makes the opposite charged particles attract. As a result, the toxins and the impurities are released from the deep skin and are brought to the surface of the skin.

After such cleansing with the HCA Deep Primer purifier, the skin remains poreless and receives an extra moisture due to the Hyaluronic Acid contained in the active ingredients.There is an immediately visible effect on the skin: it looks extremely fresh. Before the next treatment step ( deep application of active ingredients) wash away all remains from the skin.

This highly effective cleansing treatment lasts only 4 minutes and can be performed on a daily basis. Step by step, it results in the skin improvement as it eliminates toxins and free radicals, preveting them from the skin damage. The premature skin aging process is visibly counteracted.

HCA Deep Primer is available only in Bodylizer Club. The 100 ml costs 33,50 EUR and is sufficient for ca. 20 treatments. The free registration to Bodylizer Club follows online through the website While admission to the club, Bodylizer Club offers up to 25% discount for our 3 different Start kits, all including the complete treatment system Bodylizer Smart.

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