Bodylizer Club starts promotion for Hyaluronic Moisturizer

HCA Moisturizer is a newly- developed gel of Skin Care System cosmetic line that improves and supports each beauty treatment. This dermatologically tested gel is ultra-light, immediately absorbed by the skin and contains the Hyaluronic Acid. For all skin types.

HCA Deep Primer Presse

HCA Moisturizer completes Bodylizer Skin Care line which professional products have been designed for skin treatments. All beauty treatments have been developed for the Bodylizer Smart device and ensure deep skin protection as well as fight premature skin aging. It is based on the combination of active ingredients together with gentle microcurrents. The treatments have been performed since 2007 and are being still enhanced. Their amazing anti aging properties have been clinically proven by Swiss Skin Care Institute.

Use of HCA Moisturizer for facial treatments.

HCA Moisturizer is a specially designed moisturizing gel for Bodylizer Skin Care System treatments. Hyaluronic acid provides an extra moisture and enhance this way each treatment`s effect. HCA Moisturizer is hypoallergenic, salt-free, skin friendly, water-soluble and thus it can be easily washed away.

HCA Moisturizer can be used additionally for all Anti Aging facial treatments during which the gel is applied directly to the head device It is especially important in case of very dry skin so that the head device can glide smoothly over the skin. After the treatment all gel remains should be washed away. It is recommended to apply a skin care product after finishing the therapy.

HCA Moisturizer can be used also during body treatments as for example Anti Cellulite treatment or Hair removal. It may be also used for skin tightening without necessity of applying any further products. The gel is applied to the affected areas and implemented by means of the Lift program through stimulating massage. It helps to reduce body fat and supports skin tissue stretching.

HCA Moisturizer is available to Bodylizer Club members only at a preferential price of 26,50 EUR, 100ml. Registration follows online through the website and it occurs through the recommendation.


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