Bodylizer Club starts promotion for Meso/Myo Lifting

Meso/Myo Lifting is a secure and satisfactory method to reduce wrinkles. Skin tightening and smoothing out, thanks to the combination of active substances and gentle currents.

Mesofluid  Bodylizer

Bodylizer Club announces a proven and effective way to smooth the skin and relax face muscles.This can be reached by a combination of active ingredients together with microcurrent.

The problem: As we age our muscles degenerate- this is not new. Muscles elasticity decreases and wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear on our face. Meso\Myo-Lifting or also Myotonologie means face treatment excellence to the highest perfection. No one will question its amazing, beneficial and relaxing effects. This is a successful method which combines an energetic facial massage and lymphatic drainage together with stimulation of fresh and gentle currents. The treatment occurs by means of Bodylizer Smart basing on 3 steps only and lasts ca. 15 minutes.

Step 1: Deep skin cleansing from the inside by use of the HCA Deep Primer. Toxins will be transported to the surface of the skin thanks to the gentle currents and eliminated from there by thorough washing away. Select Cleanse program at Bodylizer Smart.

Step 2: Mesofluid will be applied to all face, neck and décolleté and implemented deeply into the skin. Thanks to the temporary opening in the skin's epidermal-dermal barrier,active ingredients such as Argireline and Hyaluronic Acid will be delivered into the deep layers of skin where the aging process begins. It will rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Hexapeptid-3 relaxes and smoothes out skin at the same time. Select Nourish program at Bodylizer Smart.

Step 3: Myofluid together with microcurrents revitalizes skin and supports the purification process. The product is implemented into the skin by means of Bodylizer Smart during Lift program. It is recommended to drink water before the treatment to support lymphatic drainage. The effect is astonishing: An improved blood circulation stimulates cell and collagen production. This Myo- and Meso-Lifting combination makes the weak muscles firm and the tensed ones relaxed at the same time. After already one treatment there are visible effects. However, long lasting results are reached after 10 treatments at least. It is advised to repeat the treatment every two weeks.

Bodylizer Smart device as well as all necessary products Mesofluid (100ml 49,50EUR) and Myofluid (100ml 49,50EUR) are available only in Bodylizer Club. Registration and order follow through the website While admission to club, Bodylizer Club offers up to 25% discount for 3 Start packets to future club members.

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