Objectives and Vision

Since 2012, in the recent history of our company, we have been paving the way to the new era. Our large experience in production our know how and our business compentencies enable us to get involves  in an even bigger project. We are focusing on the private consumer market.

Our objectives is to attract even more people than before. By launching the Bodylizer Skin Care System, we will be following a worldwide trend of easy and effective beauty home treatments. In order to achieve our aim, we have used a rewarding way of referral marketing.
Thanks to that, thousands of people can benefit from our program in two ways. First of all we offer a successful and proven method of a home beauty treatment at a favorable price. On the other hand, we give an opportunity to participate in this trend, to develop in our network and to achieve an additional income at the same time.

In Bodylizer Swiss Lts. our vision is to be present in 190 countries reresented by 10.000 partners. Basing on our bonus scheme, we will give back to our club partners 63 % of the achieved turnover. We will support each person who shares our idea and would like to follow this path together with us.
We will do everything to make our vision true.

Your administrative board of  Bodylizer Swiss Ltd.



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